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Simply the evolution of the system.

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Simply the evolution of the system. The experience gained has given us important indications. The transformation of the olive into quality EVO is complex and considerably di erent according to the cultivar;
there are cases in which the processing must be set to extract more polyphenols and others in which more aromas must be extracted, the system must therefore allow to obtain both results. Our
evolution started from the continuous 2008 malaxer, which carried out the processing with the possibility of modifying the thermal delta in the intermediate stages of the transfer, passing through the first washing machine
with water conditioning in 2010, the conditioned vibrating tube in 2013, paste-crusher- malaxer flow, malaxer-decanter flow, to get – in 2016 – to the linear system for continuous processing with heat exchanger. All this has led us to FLAVOUR, a system that uses a large part of the solutions described above but simultaneously; It is thought that a good olive should always give a good oil but it is not so! We are trying to achieve this by building machines increasingly equipped with tools to do it.

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