Leader Linear System

Mori-Tem has been building olive oil plants for more than 30 years, always with passion and innovation. In 2008 the first continuous malaxer was built, which now replaces traditional malaxers machines, especially in companies where obtaining top quality is essential.

Our plants are built following the scientific lines of the field, aiming to optimise the processing stages to achieve the best results. Knowing full well that the crushing stage is essential to product quality, we designed and perfected a special crusher that allows us to process every type of cultivar optimally, however, the most important innovation is the direct transition from both the heat exchanger and the malaxer, which allows us to obtain very fluid, fragrant and elegant products while saving up to 30% energy.

The “Leader” linear system is equipped with a knife crusher on a base with pump and inverter for rpm control, a stainless steel tube heat exchanger that directly transfers heat to the paste warming to the ideal temperature for the cultivar being processed, two vertical tanks with a uniquely-shaped helical reel inside and two extraction pumps, one high for continuous cycle and one low for emptying with slight vacuum.

The control panel allows you to control the temperature in every stage of processing and print it out on a slip at any time, through a controller. This system makes it possible to produce very fragrant and balanced oils, getting the most out of temperature and oxygen in the transfer stages.

The results of our system are confirmed by customers who have obtained very high quality oils, winning prestigious national and international accolades over the past several years. Quality is achieved especially through respect for the raw material and this is why our system was developed, Oil is our “Leader” .

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