Wine Equipments

PERFEKTA 50-70-100

The PERFEKTA stalk remover-pressing machines are equipped with longitudinal hopper for a good reception of grapes downloaded with Bins or trolleys (10 kg max). The beaters with adjustable blades are always equipped with the speed change drive. On request can be equipped with a rotary basket speed chenge drive too (PERFEKTA 70 and 100). Baskets can be also supplied in white, food-grade polyethylene (PERFEKTA 50), AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL with double drilling (15-22 mm), in white moplen (PERFEKTA 70 and 100) and are removable. Rubber rollers are adjustable in the distance, mobile and tilted for washing. The tub with screw is removable. The PERFEKTA stalk remover-pressing machines are especially suitable for processing grapes in research of high quality products.

Hourly production (Kgs/h):

Perfekta 50: 4000-5000 

Perfekta 70: 5000-7000

Perfekta 100: 7000-10000

Power requirements (Kw):

Perfekta 50: 2

Perfekta 70: 2,2

Perfekta 100: 2,2

Basket sizes (mm):

Perfekta 50: Ø300x1000

Perfekta 70: Ø380x1000

Perfekta 100: Ø380x1200

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