Wine Equipments


DELTA 20 - 30

The stalk remover-pressing machines of the Delta series are particularly suitable for the small cellar.
The machine comprises a feed hopper on the bottom of which there is a screw that pushes the product inside the stalk remover, composed of a stainsteel beater.
The stalk is ejected from the rear part of the machine, while the grape falls through the holes of the basket to the lower part.
Under the basket there is the pump group that transfers the product far away.


The Delta 30-R stalk remover-pressing machine has been designed particularly for small, top quality wine makers.
The machine comprises a hopper for receiving the grapes with an auger for transferring them to stalk removing, which takes place by a beater with adjustable rubber blades.
After stalk removal the product falls onto two rubber rollers where soft pressing takes place; under the rollers there is an auger for taking away the crushed grapes.
The machine is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and
is controlled by a three-phase or monophase electric motor with pulley speed change and it can be fitted with a polyethylene basket. Rollers are folding and adjustable.
The basket, beater and must collection tub are removable for easy cleaning.