Wine Equipments


The belt sorting table TSN is used to remove manually unripe or wasted grapes or bunches of grapes, leaves or any other kind of material. It is equipped with speed variator and adjustable feet in height. The belt is made of PVC, duly provided with food certification. The separation channels make the sorting procedure easier; the selected grapes run through the centre of the belt, meanwhile the dismissed parts are conveyed outside.

Production (Kg/h)

TSN.2500 - 3000-8000

TSN.3000 - 4000-10000

Power (kW)


Weight (Kg)

TSN.2500 - 250

TSN.3000 - 270

Dimensions (cm)

TSN.2500 - 275x105x115

TSN.3000 - 325x105x115

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