Wine Equipments



The belt sorting table TSN is used to remove manually unripe or wasted grapes or bunches of grapes, leaves or any other kind of material. It is equipped with speed variator and adjustable feet in height. The belt is made of PVC, duly provided with food certification. The separation channels make the sorting procedure easier; the selected grapes run through the centre of the belt, meanwhile the dismissed parts are conveyed outside.


The elevator belt EN is used to transport the grapes, stalks and rape. It is equipped with 4 wheels, where 2 are turning, and is available with different lengths. Moreover, it carries a hydraulic piston with manual pump to adjust height. The belt is made in food certified PVC and is equipped with series mechanical speed variator.


MADRINA 100 stalk remover-pressing machine is projected for a soft processing of the grapes; receiving hopper can be supplied with feeding screw or with direct skid to the holed basket. It is equipped with telescopic legs to be fitted into selection lines and with electronic inverter to change RPM. It has double holed stainless steel rotating basket, adjustable rubber paddles beater, motorized pressing rollers unit hinged to the hopper. Motor drive unit is assembled on the stalks outlet side and it is openable through hydraulic pistons. The basket, the beater and the roller unit are removable for easy cleaning.


The PR 250 pumps are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and are suitable for transferring grapes and marcs. The product is sent into the hopper auger inside the pump casing where it is pushed to the outside by the elliptic rotor via 100 mm pipes for grapes and marcs (60 or 80 for grapes with stalks removed). The pumps can be fitted with a compensation chamber and with a speed variator. They are ideal for combination with the Precisa stalk remover-pressing machines manufactured by us.