Wine Equipments


The 20x20 plate filters of the Jolly series are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and the plates are made of foodsafe plastic material; in standard moplen or noryl on request.
They have been designed to clarify and sterilise red, white and sparkling wines, olive oil, vinegars, cosmetics, natural essences, herbalist products, sweet and dry liqueurs, etc.
The standard models are fitted with stainless steel pump with noryl impeller. On request it is possible to have a coaxial pump and rubber impeller (nbr).
All models can be fitted with stainless steel plate for double filtration and variable filtration and cartridge for microfiltration.

No. of plates

Jolly 30 Compact: 31

Jolly 40 Compact: 41


FIltering surface (sm)

Jolly 30 Compact: 1,2

Jolly 40 Compact: 1,6

Production (Lt/h)


Jolly 30 Compact: 900

Jolly 40 Compact: 1200

 Weight (Kgs)


Jolly 30 Compact: 43

Jolly 40 Compact: 46

Pressure (atm)

Jolly 30 Compact: 3

Jolly 40 Compact: 3

Pump (kW)


Jolly 30 Compact: 0,5

Jolly 40 Compact: 0,5

Dimensions (cm)


Jolly 30 Compact: 100x36x56

Jolly 40 Compact: 100x36x56

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