Olive Oil Plants


The malaxing group is composed of at least two - up to four – linear malaxing units with a single mixer; on the separated crusher they are equipped with an electric valve for paste inlet. For paste transfer to the decanter a pump is mounted on each malaxer. Temperature control is available standard, either with a resistance or with an outer group through a circulator and thermostatic valves. The malaxers are closed; a kit for temperature management system with reports printer is available as optional.

Stirrer diameter (mm):

3GL_200: 600

3GL_300: 700

3GL_400: 700

4GL_300: 700

Power (kW):

3GL_200: 6

3GL_300: 6

3GL_400: 6

4GL_300: 6

Weight (Kg)

3GL_200: 725

3GL_300: 820

3GL_400: 940

4GL_300: 980

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