Olive Oil Plants



PESATRONIC fillers have been built for filling cans with oil and high density liquids. They are fitted with rubber impeller pump that withdraws the product from the storage tank and sends it to the filling valve. They are fitted with electronic weighing scale and once the tare and quantity in Kgs to be delivered have been set, they continuously process cans from 1 to 15 Kgs or up to 30 Kgs on request. Fitted with inverter to regulate product flow in the final phase of can filling.

The PESATRONIC filling machines can be fitted with carton filter with 20 or 30 plates 20x20 and SPEEDY OIL vacuum filler with 2 or 4 spouts for glass bottles.


The DV.500 volumetric dosing machine is designed for filling small bottles (from 0,06 up to 1,2 Lt.).
Average hourly production of the machine is about 500 bottles (100 ml.), depending by the format of the bottle.
The supporting surface of the bottle is adjustable in height.
Dosing machine can fill bottles with sizes from 0,06 to 1,2Lt.
Required 25 Lt. air compressor.