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LAVAMATIC is a rinsing machine that represents an innovation in the world of rinsing machines. LAVAMATIC is economic: the power supply is extremely low thanks to the simplicity of the machine and the lubricated gearmotor; maintenance costs are significantly reduced. The production is easily adjustable directly from control panel. The simple design of the machine made possible to avoid the traditional bottle transport mechanisms such as screw, stars, conveyor and the plate with jaws; these were replaced with adjustable drawer side, adapted to each diameter of bottle and separators that are eligible for diameter differences of up to approx. 25 mm. The machines can also be prepared for inert gas injection into the bottle. LAVAMATIC is suitable for every type of cylindrical and shaped bottle (glass-PVC-PET). Starting and stopping rinsing jets happen automatically in the presence or absence of bottles. Safety protections on moving parts are made of transparent impact-resistant material, with access doors with microswitches; the frame is made of stainless steel AISI 304. All parts in contact with the rinsing liquid are made of stainless steel AISI 316, while plastic components are made of food grade and acid-proof material.


0,18 kW.


180 Kgs.

Hourly production:

from 600 to 800 b/h

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